Crochet Blanket w/Popcorn Stitch Motifs

Knowing how to crochet blanket is a knowledge that many wish to have. After all, having such an advantageous piece at home and on top of that with an authorial touch is something beyond interesting, and this piece also serves to decorate different types of furniture such as the sofa, armchair, crib or bed. And if you want to know how to crochet blanket, first separate the following materials:

But in the end, what is the difference between the crochet blanket and the knitting blanket? In general, the model made from the crochet technique is produced only with fabric thread, while the knitted one is made with wool. This makes the crochet blanket a more delicate model, despite having less detail because the technique applied in its production works with only one needle, while the knitting blanket needs two.

Crochet Blanket w/Popcorn Stitch Motifs

Materials: 6 rolls of white twine. 2.50 mm needle.
Execution: Make 12 frames following the chart and join these frames together with slip stitch. see mold.
Work around the quilt the pout. For the twist make 15 chain and more 3 chain to turn the work in each stitch of this initial chain interspersing 3 double crochet and 2 double crochet then twist to give the shape. Make these twists around the blanket leaving only the head of the quilt without the twists.

Size: 230x 190 cm

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