Fenix Shawl

Do you want to learn how to Fenix Shawl? Here you will learn how to do it step by step.

Learn how to crochet a shawl step by step and use it any season of the year.

Although it is considered a sweater, using crochet you can make from shawls with more open stitches and thin line, to shawls with more closed stitches and very thick wool, to protect yourself from the cold or not.

Either way, this shawl enhances and enhances your look! Easy to make and very practical to use, without a headache you can combine the shawl with different pieces and occasions (depending on your style!).

After all, crochet is a very old technique and is still used today in a wide variety of products. If you’ve never crocheted or used crochet, start by experimenting with shawling!

What is a crochet fenix shawl?
The crochet shawl is your alternative to enhance your look, lavishing charm and, if necessary, protect you from the cold (in this case, the shawl should be made with tighter crochet stitches and with thicker wool).

Items of clothing produced using the crochet technique are gifts that are usually appreciated, even considering the time invested in practice, in addition to the patience involved in the manufacturing process.

In addition, the wide variety of possible products – such as ponchos, berets, stoles, belts, skirts, etc. – makes the intrinsic universality of the practice of crocheting even more evident.


Fenix Shawl



Fenix Shawl

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