Knowing how to crochet can be a good opportunity for extra income, learn today how crochet can be a profitable business, see at the end of the post a very cool tutorial that you will learn how to make yet another amazing pattern.

    Knitting and crochet needles come in a wide variety of sizes. Some have sharp points, while others have stout or rounded points. Although there are differences between the American and British sizing systems, the metric measurement is the same. 


    The smaller the diameter of the tool, the finer the finished piece will be. Some crochet hooks come with soft grips to reduce stress. Knitting and crochet needles come with a hook on the end. Some are long and flat, while others are tapered. 

    Crochet Granny Dress
    Crochet Granny Dress

    Normally, you should use the shaft part of the hook in crochet. Avoid inserting your hook too far into the tip, as this can make the stitch uneven or smaller. You can also use an extra pointed hook to insert it through a well worked fabric. If you are not sure, try a few different sizes of hooks and find one that meets your needs.

    Knitting and crochet needles are difficult to match to your project. Your needle and hook size depends on the weight and gauge of your yarn. Choosing the right size will provide the desired finish, a tight or loose finish.

    Use a sample gauge to determine the appropriate size. You may even find that the pattern specifies the weight of the yarn you are using. The weight of your yarn is the most important factor when choosing the right needle.


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    Bamboo hooks and needles have many advantages. Bamboo has a nice earthy feel and is very comfortable to handle. They also tend to be easier to use than other types of hooks and threads. 

    Bamboo hooks are also easier to clean, so you can buy a set of bamboo needles if you have any hand or wrist problems. If you are concerned about the appearance of your knitting needle, try a few different types and see which one feels most comfortable to you.

    The most important consideration when choosing a needle for crocheting is the weight of the yarn. If you are crocheting light, a plastic hook with a light may be the best choice. Plastic hooks with metal tips and a plastic handle are also available from some manufacturers. 

    Finally, don’t forget to consider the fiber content of your yarn. If you 

    are not sure what kind of yarn you are using, look for a lightweight hook made of bamboo or plastic.

    When choosing a needle, you need to ensure that it matches your pattern. Knitting needles are usually classified in letter systems and you can look for a needle that matches the gauge. 

    Most yarn labels have a recommended hook size and the number of stitches per inch. Using this information, you can choose the appropriate size for your yarn. It is also important to look up yarn labels, which will provide a guide to the hook size and gauge.

    In reality it all depends very much on the material you are going to use, so try to use good quality items, needle and crochet thread should be as specified so that the tutorial comes out perfect, identical to the pattern.

    Let’s learn another tutorial together!

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