When choosing a gift for a child, choose a doll and make crochet Clothes for her. No need to wait for a special date. This toy can be offered at any time, as the little ones need this game to achieve full development.

    As the child plays, he dives into a world of imagination. However, she experiences situations and experiences that are as real to her as those that happen outside this creative universe. Children use play as training for life.

    When playing, they receive stimuli that promote their cognitive and emotional development. Therefore, children need toys, especially those they can interact with, such as dolls.

    The typical game with this toy is care, as if it were a real person. The child feeds the doll, bathes it, wears clothes, cuddles it, holds it and puts it to sleep. In her imagination, the doll feels these cares.

    That’s why there are several benefits of playing with dolls, developing values ​​and skills that allow better interaction with people in real life. In fact, this toy contributes a lot to the development of children who do not have siblings, or who experience little contact with others of their age.

    Even playing alone, interaction with the doll provides complete training, as there is donation. The child takes responsibility for the well-being of that toy and makes an effort to make him feel comfortable and loved, as he wants to be.

    Today we have a beautiful video tutorial for you create stylish crochet clother for your little loved one’s doll.





    Remember….I am a human and sometimes make mistakes!!  If you find an error with my pattern, please let me know in the comment section and I will try to correct it as soon as possible!!!

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