Do you want to learn how to crochet a Fairy Light? Here you will learn how to do it step by step.

    Hi there, here at Crochet fashion you will find great tutorials, in the last tutorial we teach the Fairy Bliss (access the free pattern click here) and if you like the first tutorial you will love this perfect and cute Fairy Light.


    Fairies are magical and enchanted beings that fill the imagination of people of all ages. They appeared in very ancient times and gained popularity through literature, mainly through what we know as “fairy tales”.

    The word Fada is a derivation of the Latin “Fata”, which is the plural of “Fatum” and means destiny. This denomination is due to the fact that in the stories, these mythical creatures were seen as influencers of destiny.

    They can take different forms, but are usually represented with a light appearance. Often small in size and with wings, but this varies with different cultures and histories.

    In general, they are very active, cheerful and intelligent, and can also be temperamental. They usually live in fields and forests.


    Due to the influence of Christianity, fairies came to be characterized as evil and demonic beings. However, most tales show them as sweet beings, who get along very well with children and always appear when someone needs special help.

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