Fairy Bliss

Do you want to learn how to crochet Fairy Bliss? Here you will learn how to do it step by step.

Hi there, here at Crochet fashion you will find great tutorials, in the last tutorial we teach the Batman Afghan (see more) and if you like the first tutorial you will love this perfect and cute Fairy Bliss.

SIZE: The doll measures 26cm, using a 2mm hook and DMC Natura Just Cotton yarn.

Skill Level: Advanced level.

This toy is a nice challenge for experienced, because it uses unusual amigurumi techniques and stitches. This version, although it’s extremely similar to Pooh and Friends Toys, uses many different colors.

Therefore, all the tutorials on my site are credit exclusive to the official standard that I bring, so girls let’s leave subject is to undertake, learn and run.

Let’s start? The PAID pattern is available on Etsy. You can download the pdf and keep it with you.



La Crocheteria ABRIL crochet pattern Patrón amigurumi imagem 2

The ideal, for example, for baby is to use the cotton thread because it does not shed, so keep that in mind. There is Amigurumi yarn on the market that was specially prepared for this job.

These beautiful dolls are unique because they never look the same. It can be done with circular rows at low points and it will depend on the shape we want to make.Whenever possible, it is good to be able to entertain children with simple and colorful toys. Follow the tutorial very carefully.

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