Do you want to learn how make an easy beginner quilt in a day? Here you will learn how to do it step by step.

    Hi there, here at Crochet fashion you will find great tutorials, and i have a stash buster quilt for yoy today, it’s a fast and easy beginner quilt, that was created by Karen Brown.


    If you don’t believe this quilt can be done in 1 day, we’ve got you covered!
    Karen timed the entire production to show you how long it took her to create this beautiful quilt.

    quilt in a day
    By karen Brown

    Step 1- “The fabrics” – In this phase, she demonstrates her search in her stock for nine fat quarters. She’s looking for something fairly specific, for an analogous statement, three hues, three different saturations.

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    Now, if you don’t know what we mean by analogous or saturation, you can watch the series on colour theory on Youtube.

    She chose red, blue-violet, and blue. You can choose the exact same ones, but on the other side with green, or you can go all warm an do oranges. You can just spin this whatever way you want. We want variety of patterns and avoiding anything strongly directional. Some of these blocks are going to get turned upside down. And the fat quarters need to be the full width. Once the selvage is off, we need 21 and a half inches.


    quil color
    red, blue-violet, and blue
    warm an do oranges






    So just take a quick moment before you begin to iron out any creases. When they’ve been in storage for some time, they can have some creases that are quite deep. We want them flat because we’re going to stack them.

    Step 2 – ” The blocks”: Lay out your fabrics with the darkest along the top row, put the matching medium colored ones in the next row, and then the lightest in the bottom row.

    And we’re going to number them one to nine like so. We’re going to make three groups. Each group will have one of each colour, and one of each level of saturation.And just note before we go in here, that the blocks that we’re cutting are not square. They’re going to be rectangles.

    quilt in a day

    We are laying out  our fabrics with the darkest on the bottom, the medium in the middle, and the lightest on top.

    Stack 3 fat quarters and align your fabric along the selvages, be sure to measure at least 22 inches. Square up your fabric along the bottom, then measure 16 inches along the selvage and cut. Trim off the selvages, then measure 8 inches from the bottom, and cut, but don’t move the fabric.

    Then measure 10.75” inches and cut, and them measure 10.75” inches again and cut. You now have four stacks of 10.75 x 8” rectangles.

    Make sure you have a sharp blade. So far have you liked the clear instructions? Then watch the full tutorial below.

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