Do you want to learn how make a day quilt with jelly roolls? Here you will learn how to do it step by step.

    Hi there, here at Crochet fashion you will find great tutorials, and I have a fast and easy beginner quilt with jelly rolls for you today, it’s a stashbuster pattern created by Karen Brown.

    day quilt
    By karen Brown

    It’s a cool pattern where value does all the heavy lifting and to qualify to be a stashbuster, not only do you shop from your stash,it’s got to be fast, it’s got to be easy, and there’s got to be little leftover scraps. This done in a day quilt is a great palette cleanse from longer quilt projects.

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    This quilt is perfect for a fast and easy project for a sudden gift, or those times when you just need a simple project so that you can burn up your stash and take a break from a more complicated pattern.

    This pattern can be made several different ways depending on what you have, the finished quilt size is 56” W by 56” H, without borders. And requires 40 with the fabric strips, that are 2 ¹/² inches wide and at least 43 inches long.

    day quilt
    by Karen Brown

    This can be a jelly roll, one that you buy or one that you make, or just 40 assorted strips, which might include old binding strips, scrapped with the fabric strips. You can even piece your scraps into strips as long as they are 2 ¹/² inches wide by 43 inches in length. And you want to lay them out in two sets of 20, going darkest to lightest. The easiest part of working with a jelly roll is this is often already done for you, and you just simply have to separate them into two sets and take a photo for reference.


    If you are making a set with your own strips, organise them darkest to lightest take a black and white photo, and then make any adjustments you want. You might be asking, “why a black and white photo?” It’s all about a color’s value, which you go into in more detail in the Colour Series.

    The pair the two lightest together, then the next two together, until you have 20 pairs. Then you mark the fabrics 1 to 20. Use stickers and clips. A tip for you is you can use numbered pins or mark the number on the pins, but you want you can even use a piece of paper and pin that.

    Take the set number 1 and the set number 20 and make a stack of four strips. Trim the selvage from one side and then cut through all four layers at 2 ¹/² inches from the left side. Cut the remaining piece at 40 ¹/² inches in from the left side.

    So far have you liked the clear instructions? Then watch the full tutorial below or Download the Pattern!

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