Do you want to learn how make a easy beginner quilt using fat quarters? Here you will learn how to do it step by step.

    Hi there, here at Crochet fashion you will find great tutorials, and I have a fast and easy beginner quilt pattern using fat quarters that is called Carpenter Star. After making the fast and easy stashbuster, you’ll become a pro at half square triangles with the two-at-a-time method.


    Carpenter Star quilts are so beautiful, it’s a classic pattern. Here you’ll find a user-friendly, no-waste method for making this tried-and-true quilt pattern. After you finish this quilt pattern, you will be a pro at making HSTs (Half Square Triangles).

    carpenter star
    Carpenter Star By Karen Brown

    This stashbuster uses the two at a time HST method. It’s fast, easy fat quarter friendly,free with no wastage.It’s a stashbuster pattern created by Karen Brown.

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    The easiest quilt patterns are made from squares and rectangles. Half square triangles can give you all sorts of beautiful results, depending how you lay it out. And we going to show you how to lay them out in a traditional carpenter star. This pattern comes in a small, medium, and large version. In this tutorial, we will be making the medium version.

    Before we talk about technique, let’s talk about the fabric, because the trick to this layout is all about contrast.
    The carpenter star’s true beauty comes from the three-dimensional effect. Carpenters achieve this with different wood grains, and stain, quilters get to use a combination of colour, saturation, and value. If you’re unsure of these terms, please watch this series on colour theory.
    carpenter star 2
    Carpenter Star by Karen Brown

    So we’re looking for three distinct values, in the lightest, you will need eight fat quarters,


    or two yards. In the darkest, you will need four fat quarters, or one yard. And in the medium tone, you’ll also need four fat quarters, or one yard.

    When you’re shopping from your stash, line up your fabrics, then order them by value, and take a black and white photo. This will help us identify which fabrics are the darks, the mids, and the light values, as well as any that are in the wrong spot.

    Once you have your dark medium length fabrics, we are wanting to make four sets of light, mid, and dark. Additionally, we need four extra lights. You need to see if there’s enough contrast between your groups. And we like to do that by folding them into approximate shape and size of the final blocks. And remove anything that’s not distinct enough or any patterns that you feel are not working. Because this fat quarter bundle did not have enough darks or mids all in one colour.

    So far have you liked the clear instructions? Then watch the full tutorial below or Download the Pattern!

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    Happy Crocheting!!

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