How to knit a quick baby blanket that in 5 hours? In this tutorial you will learn an easy technique, using super bulky yarn, making it a perfect quick baby gift.

    Okay, I know knitting this blanket is not really as fast as a real wink, But with this pattern you ould knit up a baby blanket in an evening or 2. Which for a baby blanket pattern is pretty rare to find. If you’ve ever made a baby blanket, you know it can be time consuming. Even more when you use baby yarn.


    The yarn we will use is the Bernat Baby Blanket, this type of yarn gives the blanket a soft and fluffy texture that you want to wrap your baby in.
    We use the same technique throughout the pattern. Garter knitting makes the whole project faster.

    Then we knit the colors to the side of the blanket, you can knit the stripes this eliminates the dozens of extra yarns you would have to weave over.
    Finally, weaving the tail of the yarn as you knit will save you one more step later.

    In today’s tutorial, we’re working with this super bulky number six weight yarn.

    We’re working with Bernat Baby Blanket contrast A is color Vanilla (03008), and contrast B is color Sand Baby(03010).


    You need 177 yards of each, so you’re gonna need a few balls if you’ve got the smaller one. Or you can use the larger one and get one of each. So, one ball of each.

    Isn’t this a sweet face?

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    quick knit baby blanketWe’re gonna be working on the Bernat in a wink baby blanket. It is super easy. And we’re working with some stripes that work from smaller stripes all the way to some broader stripes as it goes along.

    It’s almost a square. It’s 33 by 35 inches. It’s an easy pattern, and you’re only using knit stitches. So, we’ll cast-on. We’ll Knit our stitches. We’ll change colors. We’ll change back. And then, we’ll cast-off. So, it’s gonna be easy peasy.

    For the materials, you’re going to need a U.S. size 11 or eight millimeter circular knitting needle, scissors, tapestry needle and we also need a measuring tape, because you are gonna be measuring in sections.

    36 inches will do or you can do 40 inches. You working back, and forth in a flat panel. You’re not connecting those.

    Watch the full tutorial below for Quick Knit Baby Blanket!

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