The Crocheted yarn bag is gaining more and more young fans after it began to be reinvented.

    There are new types of yarns, use of sustainable materials and new forms of applications and accessories.


    The possibility of being able to create bags with your own hands comes from the term called DIY – Do It Yourself as a way to rethink consumption is one of the main factors.

    Among the accessories, the one that stands out the most is the crocheted yarn bag, as it is light and brings delicacy to compose everyday looks.

    Crocheted Yarn Bag

    What can I do with knitted yarn?
    Knitted yarn is a very versatile material and can be used in different models and styles of bags.


    Among the models that you can create are backpacks, wallets, bags, handbags and also models of cross-body bags.

    However, to start (or, if you like, resume the habit of crocheting), a tip is to start with smaller crocheted bag models with simpler stitches. That way you gain confidence to move on to larger models, with more complex points.


    Knitted yarn was used in the bag in the photo, but it can be any yarn you prefer.
    round 1: magic ring; 6 points low
    round 2: 6 crochet fans
    round 3: 3 sc; 1 single crochet fan; 3 single crochets.
    round 4: 4 single crochets 1 fan; 4 crochets under 1 fan,
    round 5: 5 single crochets 1 fan
    work like this until you have the desired bag size. make 2 equal squares and close the sides.

    [activecampaign form=17 css=1] Finishing

    3 rounds of single crochet in the mouth of the bag.
    put the lining with zipper.


    How many meters are in 1 kilo of crochet yarn?
    Even if purchased together, crochet yarn rolls may differ in thickness, elasticity, tone, knitting types.

    Each 1 kilo roll of knitted yarn is approximately 140 meters long.

    It is important to remember that even if purchased together, rolls of knitted yarn may differ in thickness, elasticity, tone, knitting types.

    What is the needle number to work with crochet yarn?
    As crochet yarns are thicker than cotton yarn, for example, crochet needles vary from 9 mm to 30 mm – each one provides a different effect, and this variation also influences the performance of the roll.

    Thicker yarns, for example, may be easier to handle with larger needles.

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