Do you want to learn how to Crochet Red Rose Centerpiece? Here you will learn how to do it step by step.

    With an idea in mind, Helena  created this work in honor of all the Mothers in the World. Representing Red Roses was my intention, because they symbolize the passionate, visceral and unconditional love of Mothers for their Children!


    After a few attempts to find the way and translate this idea into crochet, Helena  finally found what I was looking for. Then it was all very easy…

    Really, this was a work that you will have great pleasure in doing. The inicial idea was made it as a rug, but then I put it on the table and it looked great as a centerpiece. But you can choose the way you want to use it.

    Red Rose Centerpiece


    This was a work done according to her imagination, without graphics or recipes, just with an idea in my head that I developed throughout the construction of the piece. She did like this:


    1. The roses are single crochet circles, taking only the back loops of the stitches from the previous row and worked in a spiral. They come in different sizes, with 3 larger, 2 medium and 2 smaller, but the size between each group is not necessarily the same. Don’t worry if it varies a little. It gets even better!
    2. On the front loops that are left over in the circles, work the “petals” of the roses as follows: 1 single crochet – 3 chains – skip a stitch and make another single crochet. Repeat until the end of each circle. Only that!
    3.  Then arrange the circles as you see fit, join them with a tapestry needle, taking the stitches closest to the wrong side. For a bigger piece, just make more circles.
    4.  The leaves are made as follows:
      On a strip of chains, which can be 8, 10 or 12, depending on the size you want the leaves of the rose (I made different sizes), make 1 or 2 single crochets, 1 or 2 half double crochets, 1 or 2 double crochets and then reverse the order, making 1 or 2 half double crochets and finish with 1 or 2 single crochets. Then, turn around and make the same sequence of stitches on the other side of the chain.
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    Then, in the middle of the chain, make a row of slip stitches in another color (in my case, lighter green). Don’t forget that to make this slip stitch, the yarn is under the piece: thread the needle through the front, pull the yarn underneath, pass through the loop on the needle and make the chain.

    crochet centerpiece

    One of the leaves I made only on one side. The important thing is to make this sequence of stitches, from the single crochet to the double crochet and then “down”. If the leaves is larger, do 2 stitches of each, if it is smaller, do only one stitch of each.

    5.  Finally, arrange the leaves around the piece, in the positions that you find most beautiful and sew on the wrong side, as was done in joining the circles.

    Thanks to HellenaCC for the article inspiration and featured image.

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