Do you want to learn how to crochet a Venetian Hanging Plant Holder? Here you will learn how to do it step by step.

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    This Venetian Hanging Plant Holder plant holder is very useful for decorating your home and very versatile, it can be easily adjusted to fit in several different potted plants by adjusting its thread (or thread) and hook. Although it looks like a piece of macrame it is made of crochet.

    Your gauge setting can be changed to get the specific size you want, remember that the material stretches when used, and you can make the handle any size you want.

    To create this pattern you need create five squares and joining as you go. The straps are made all in one piece at the end by making simple chains and slip stitches. The tassel on the bottom is optional.

    Venetian Lace Square #1:



    Row 1: Ch 19, dc in 7th ch from hook, (ch2, skip next 2 chs, dc in next ch) 4 times.

    Rows 2-5: Ch5, turn (counts as 1dc and ch2); skip 2 chs, dc in next st, (ch2, skip 2 sts, dc in next st) 4 times.

    Do not fasten off.

    Hanging Plant Holder


    Side 1:

    Row 1: Ch1, working in the dc/ch2 spaces to the left, work 4sc in next 4 spaces; leave the remaining space unworked.

    Hanging Plant Holder

    Row 2: Ch12, turn; (Wrong Side Facing) skip over 11 sc, sl st in next sc.

    Hanging Plant Holder

    Row 3: Ch1, turn; (Right Side Facing) work 3sc in ch 12 space, (ch3-this is a picot-, 3sc) in ch12 space, 5 times, work 4sc in the remaining dc/ch2 space from Row 1.

    Hanging Plant Holder

    Row 4: Ch9, turn; (Wrong Side Facing), (skip over next picot and sl st in next picot) twice, ch9, skip over last picot and sl st in the very last sc at the corner.

    Hanging Plant Holder

    Row 5: Ch1, turn; (Right Side Facing), [4sc in ch9 space, (picot, 4sc in ch 9 space) 3 times], repeat [ to ] for next 2 ch9 spaces. Do not fasten off.

    Hanging Plant Holder

    Sides 2-4: Repeat instructions for first side.

    Hanging Plant HolderHanging Plant HolderHanging Plant HolderFasten off.
    Now you will be making 4 more Venetian Squares, but joining as you go.
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    Square 2:

    Follow same instructions as Side 1, up until the 3rd side. You will be joining the 3rd and 4th side to Square 1 as follows:

    Pode ser uma imagem de crochê

    Work the first loop of three as usual.
    Second loop: work the 1st picot as usual, work the next two picots into the matching picots from Side 1. Instead of ch3; –ch1, sl st into the adjoining picot from Side 1, ch1–.
    Third loop: Work joining picots for the next 2 picots, work the third picot as usual (unjoined).

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    3rd Side Complete

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    4th Side: Work 1st picot unjoined, join next 2 picots from the first loop, join next 2 picots from the second loop, work 3rd picot unjoined of second loop, work third loop all picots unjoined.

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    Make and join the 3rd square same as second square.
    Now for the Fourth square, you are joining ALL sides! Work and join the first two sides as you did the last 2 squares.

    Nenhuma descrição de foto disponível.Now join the 3rd and 4th sides of square 4 into the very first 2 sides from Square One! This makes the sides to the plant holder.

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    Nenhuma descrição de foto disponível.


    Fifth Square: Now this one gets a little tricky!  You are joining all sides to the bottom sides of the first 4 squares. Just pay attention to where you’re joining and all we be ok! Match picot to picot, and keep an eye out for the picots that don’t join (these are the ones on each side of the tips of the centre squares or diamonds)

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    All 4 sides joined to the bottom!


    The straps are all worked in one piece! For the large holder, I chained 91, and the small one, I chained 151.

    Side 1: Ch 91 (151)** chain however long you want your straps**, The extra chain is your turning chain; join to the top of any square, in the 3rd picot from the diamond tip.

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    Slip stitch back up 25 stitches; ch25, skip over 2 picots, and join in the next picot to the left.

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    Slip stitch back up 25 chs, chain in remaining chains all of the way back to where you started. DO NOT FASTEN OFF!!!

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    Sides 2-4: Repeat instructions for First Strap. (There are 4 picots between each set of straps)

    Pode ser uma imagem de ao ar livre

    Nenhuma descrição de foto disponível.

    The long chains meet at the top.

    When all 4 sides are complete, sl st in the very first st and fasten off!

    Sew in ends.

    Pode ser uma imagem de macramê

    Tassel (Optional): Cut strands of yarn double length, because you will fold them over. Cut as many as you like, and tie them into the very centre of the bottom square. I made one strand of yarn a lot longer and used that strand to wrap neatly around the other strands. I also frayed the strands apart by pulling the plies of yarn apart and combed them.

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