Do you want to learn how to crochet a Crochet Sousplat Lobu? Here you will learn how to do it step by step.

    Hi there, here at Crochet fashion you will find great tutorials, and I have a perfect Crochet Sousplat Lobu for you today, it’s a fast and easy tutorial.


    The crochet sousplat, in addition to serving to complement the decoration of the table, also has the function of protecting it, that’s right, those possible scratches, splashes and stains that can happen during meals. Nobody wants that to happen, do they? So use and abuse sousplat and make your table even more sophisticated and welcoming.

    Tip about sousplat: as it is an element used under the plate, the idea is that its dimensions are always larger than the plates used so that the crochet sousplat can appear and make the table even more beautiful.

    The Lobu crochet sousplat will make mealtimes much more pleasant and elegant, whether for a special breakfast, lunch with family and friends or that romantic dinner. This piece promises to enrich your decor even more.



    Liked? Then follow the steps below.


    1 Yarn with 125m each piece;
    Crochet hook 8;

    Size of the susplat: 39.5cm in diameter

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    Start with the magic ring, go up with 3 ch and work 11 dc. inside the ring. Finish with sl st in the 3rd starting ch.

    2nd row: 5 ch, *1 dc. in the dc. next, 2 ch*. Repeat in this and all other rows whatever is in between * * and finish with sl st in the 3rd initial ch.

    3rd row: 3 ch, 2 dc. in the next space, *1 ch, 3 dc. in the next space*. Finish with 1 ch, sc in the starting 3rd ch.

    4th row: 3 ch, 1 each of the 2 dc next, *2 ch, 1 dc. in each of the next 3 dc *. Finish with ch 2, sc in the starting 3rd ch.

    Keep following the graph.

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