Do you want to learn how to crochet a Crochet Dessert Protector? Here you will learn how to do it step by step.


    • Crochet towel of your choice and with the color, model, style and size of your choice;
    • Scissors;
    • Paint brush;
    • Mod Podge Stiffy – Glue for decoupage
    • Hot Glue Gun
    • Cake Plate
    • Old newspaper, old paper, cardboard, old fabric or plastic, to cover the place where you will work with your piece;
    • Plastic Bowl
    • Glass Knobs

    Start by separating all the materials you will use in your craft.

    Crochet Dessert Protector

    Cover the place where you are going to work with your piece, with old newspaper, old paper, cardboard, old fabric or plastic. Place the crochet towel on the bottom of the chosen container, which should be leaning over the lined place.

    Apply lots of decoupage glue over the entire crochet doily. Let it dry.


    Crochet Dessert Protector

    Crochet Dessert Protector

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    Continuing with the making of the Crochet Dessert Protector step by step, apply another layer of decoupage glue, to make it very firm. And let it dry very well. If your crochet towel has nipples, you can cut the crochet nipples to make the piece straight to prevent flies from getting into the edge spaces.

    Crochet Dessert Protector

    To finish your piece, simply attach the furniture handle to the central part of your plate cover. And it’s done! Make as many pieces as you need to keep your food safe and your table beautifully decorated.

    Dessert Cloche

    Crochet Dessert Protector

    All imagens and pattern are from modpodferocks – thank you for the article inspiration and imagens.

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