Do you want to learn how to crochet a Moroccan Tiles Stitch? Here you will learn how to do it step by step.

    Hi there, here at Crochet fashion you will find great tutorials, and I have a perfect Moroccan Tiles Stitch for you today, it’s a fast and easy tutorial, that was created by mooglyblog.


    This pattern is warm, cozy, a fast V stitch pattern to crochet,the pattern is written for a throw/afghan sized blanket and is full of colo! With 6 different size options and the recommendations needed for each.

    Moroccan Tiles Stitch

    The Moroccan stitch  is made in a  multiple of 3 +2, +2 for the starting chain. Always end on an odd numbered row. For a little washcloth, you can work with a starting chain of 21. A few unique stitches are used.

    Moroccan stitch will need at least two colors and a color a base one that will be the edge of the tiles and then a B color which is the one that gives more color and more personality to our project.


    We’re using U.S. crochet terms in this tutorial and materials used for this project are:

    •  6.5mm hook, US – K
    • Stitch Markers
    • You need to learn 2 tecniques: Standing Double Crochet and Chainless Starting Double Crochet
    • To make the blanket in the photo you’ll need 9 colors of yarn. Being 2 skeins of each used for the throw sizer
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    So far have you liked the clear instructions? Then see the FREE written pattern.  You can follow the step by step with clear instructions and photos.


    But if you are that type of person, who likes to follow the creation process in detail. We have a video tutorial for you.

    In the video below in addition to learning about the technique in 12 min. You have the opportunity to learn how to renew an old pillow.

    For this project @CrocherLovers mentioned the basic rules of Moroccan Tiles Stitch. Remember, this pattern always use a multiple of three in the pillow she use 21 Chains.

    Then she make two extra chains and then, one single crochet stitch in the second chain from the hook, make two chains and in the bottom part we’ll skip two chains more so we skip one and two and in the third one make one single crochet stitch. Then repeat this two chains, skip two chains in the bottom and in the third one we make one single crochet and we continue doing this sequence until we get to the end the last single crochet most coincide with the last available chain this would be the first row in color

    Does it look confused? In the video everything is simpler and easier.

    Thanks to mooglyblog for the article inspiration and featured image.

    Happy Crocheting!!

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