Everything Kate Middleton does becomes news. Beautiful, tall, thin, elegant, princess… how to go unnoticed? I think it’s impossible. Just put her name in any search engine and soon a thousand news stories, thousands and thousands of photos appear. There’s even a blog teaching how to copy the princess’s look! And I found out that she also uses crochet.

    Lady Kate Middleton Crochet Dress is a succes! se below the step by step and have fun!



    4 rolls de White yarn and crochet Hook with give you gauge.


    The whole piece is made in double crochet stitch. Fan in double crochet stitch.

    Start with a chain ​​the size of the client’s waist and work in “buttonhole” (1 double crochet; 2 chains; skip 2 base chains, 1 double crochet in the third base stitch)

    Work the vest part making the increase on the side only to give best width.When you reach the width stop increase.


    Work without increase until you reach the height of the “armhole” (means take the measurement from the base of the neck to a point below the “hook” of the arm (approximately 3.5 cm.).

    Lady Kate Middleton Crochet Dress

    Separate front and back, and make separately, necklace of front of back and “armhole”, join with the top of the shoulders. The entire body of the dress is made in a fan with a double crochet.

    With the vest done, make the skirt in the same way, work the increases only on the sides to give the width of the hip, and then, stop increase and work without decrease to the desired height and then make another row of “buttonhole” (1 double crochet; 2 chains; skip 2 base chains, 1 double crochet in the third base stitch)  on the bar to stand the ruffle of the skirt.

    For the ruffle of the skirt make 1 fan in double crochet, in each “buttonhole” will be perfect work to the desired length. Finish with a double crochet buttonhole career.

    For the sleeves, make a chain ​​the width of the arm, and work as well as the body of the dress make the round of buttonhole and work the fan stitchs in double crochet to the height under arm and decrease the “armhole”.

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    Happy Crocheting!!

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