Do you want to learn how to crochet a Hair Clip Crochet Flower? Here you will learn how to do it step by step.

    Crochet roses can be used in many ways to decorate your environment. Crochet roses are commonly made for application on rugs, pillows, towels and blankets, however, nowadays crochet roses go much further than that.


    If you want to get away from the traditional, the tip is to make a beautiful arrangement of artificial flowers using crochet roses, they are super delicate to decorate rooms and bedrooms, but if you want to go beyond decoration, know that crochet roses also offer others possibilities.

    In addition to being applied to bags and pieces of clothing, nowadays crochet roses are used even by brides to make a beautiful bouquet, or if you prefer, you can do as in the photo below, where crochet roses are used for decorate a delicate hair clip.


    Start by making a string of chains;
    Then, climb 4 chains and make 6 double treble crochets inside the first chain;
    Now, skip a chain and make 6 double treble crochets again inside the next chain;
    Repeat this process until the size you want for your crochet rose;
    Next, you must climb 4 chains to make the second row;
    Make 5 double crochets and then 3 more chains;
    Starting with the smaller end, roll the rose and stitch at the base.
    Glue your crochet flowers to a clip using hot glue.

    Experience Level: Beginner
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    hair clip crochet flower

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