Do you want to learn how to crochet a Flashlight Square? Here you will learn how to do it step by step.

    Hi there, here at Crochet fashion you will find great tutorials, in the last tutorial we teach the 3D Table Centerpiece (see more) and if you like the first tutorial you will love this perfect and cute Flashlight Square.


    I love motives. You have no idea how many schemes of these same reasons I have! Do you know how many I knitted? Very few, I lack time to exercise this hobby that is so much bigger. Today I’m going to share with you some of my favorite schemes.


    Flashlight Square

    Simple and economical, you can make this crochet piece for your home, combining it with your kitchen furniture, therefore with your dishes and glasses, it can also be used for decoration. Also, it is a well accepted product for sales, show it to your customers and friends. The color can be the one that matches and the one that pleases your customers, first of all, separate all the material so that it is easier to watch the explanation.

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    Flashlight Square


    Take the opportunity to risk new combinations. You can mix plain fabrics with prints. See the colors that match, which are represented in the prints and hands to work.

    For a country look make squares with bright colors, but sew them with black wool. For a classic American look, combine white, red, blue and straw yellow. If you do not want a square look, but want to use the quick quilt method, use only two colors (white and blue, for example) for a more sober look.

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