Fashion with handmade style is among one of the proposals for weddings, and so the crochet wedding dress is one of the options to follow this handmade fashion with a unique and stylish piece! If crochet used to be a grandma’s thing, nowadays the technique is super high, including in the world for weddings, as is the case with the crochet wedding dress.

    And if you were in doubt about this style of dress, we have separated several models of crochet pieces that can yield an amazing look for brides on the big day!

    modelos de vestido de noiva de crochê

     Crochet wedding dress photos and models



    bride in short crochet dress

    For brides who are getting married without a party or looking for a short wedding dress option to enjoy the party, one of the options is the short crochet wedding dress, as this inspiration shows.

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    The short crochet dress model is a white string version that features a tube-style modeling, being a more fitted dress and above the knees, in which case it still has short sleeves. The short wedding dress model is a version that mixes different crochet stitches and features a tube skirt in a ruffled style, but without volume, which highlights the stitches chosen for modeling.

    The top of the dress has open stitches and square-style crochet, with squares joined and that have a white lining, keeping the dress more closed, since the stitches are open.

    bride in short crochet dress
    The dress is in raw string with white lining.

    bride in short crochet dress


    bride in short crochet dress
    The white string dress was worn with a belt
    short simple wedding dress
    The wedding dress has open stitches and white lining underneath
    crochet wedding dress
    The short wedding dress with 3/4 sleeves

    modelos de vestido de crochê curto para noiva

    Classic Dress

    vestido de noiva romântico em crochê

    There are numerous crochet dress designs, and one of the options is this model that mixes crochet and flowing voile skirt, a perfect wedding dress inspiration for a beach or country wedding.

    The model features the bodice made of thin white string, with a low back and delicate stitches, bringing the ruffled detail on the neckline and giving an idea of more movement to the dress.

    The skirt part is an option made in layers of white voile that transmit movement and fluidity to the dress, creating a model of a swirled wedding dress. And so the layers of voal were joined to the crochet bodice, creating a unique and incredible model of wedding dress.

    classic crochet wedding dress
    The dress has a looser and fuller skirt that mixes different crochet stitches.
    crochet princess wedding dress
    The flared dress has an overlapping ruffled skirt made in crochet.
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    crochet wedding dress with flared skirt
    The long-sleeved model Crochet wedding dress – 51 options for you to fall in love with!
    crochet evasé wedding dress
    The wedding dress is an evase option in white string.
    short flared wedding dress
    The crochet dress is a short and princess option

    Mermaid Style

    vestido de noiva sereia com cauda curta de crochê

    The mermaid wedding dress is one of the modeling options that can be reproduced in the crochet dress model, and one of the options is this mermaid style crochet dress version.

    The model is a version of a crochet wedding dress with pineapple stitches and brings a tighter fit to the knees, when the dress begins to open and forms the style of a mermaid train.

    Thus, the dress formed by pineapple stitches has a short train at the back and a plunging neckline in the back. To give a more romantic touch to the crochet mermaid dress, the bet was to use a satin ribbon belt, which was tied in the back and forms a bow just below the neckline in the back.


    crochet ruffled mermaid wedding dress
    The mermaid model is formed by ruffles
    crochet short sleeve mermaid dress
    The mermaid dress mixes different stitches and features short sleeves.


    simple mermaid wedding dress
    The mermaid dress was made in a single stitch style
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    modelos de vestido de crochê sereia

    with tail

    white crochet wedding dress with train
    The model consists of pineapple stitch

    As inspiration for the train wedding dress, the modeling here features a mermaid-style version with a short train.


    The crochet wedding dress is a model made from a pineapple stitch along the body, and brings the most adjusted version to the body, highlighting the mermaid modeling and the curves of the female body.

    The model also features thin straps and a neckline on the back, in addition to a more voluminous train with a short length, which gains lightness and leaves the dress versatile for different styles of ceremonies, ranging from an option for a wedding in the church, in the countryside or even even on the beach.

    crochet wedding dress with short train
    The dress with a short train has a low back
    boho crochet dress with train
    The boho-style dress has an aged tone lining


    bride in crochet long sleeve dress
    he crochet dress with train is a long-sleeved version

    The crochet wedding dress made in white string is a version with long sleeves in the flare style, and which mixes different crochet stitches along the model with train.

    The dress still has white lining, and keeps the light color for the model, so the lining is perfect to make the dress more closed, since the piece has open crochet stitches.

    The wedding dress also features a neckline detail on the back and beaded details, which cover part of the neckline and add a unique shine to the dress in a handmade style.


    vestido de noiva de crochê com manga flare

    Brides can also opt for a dress model with long sleeves, as is the case with this model that mixes long sleeves and a short train.

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    V-neck crochet wedding dress
    The dress mixes a train and long sleeves.

    modelos de vestido de crochê com cauda

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