You who like flowers, now you will learn how to make this very simple crochet tulip with the teacher, you who like to innovate can make different colors and ideas of this tulip and also share and inspire your friends. It’s amazing how we can make beautiful and fun things, thinking about it you can come up with a lot of good ideas in our home decor tab.

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    The tulip easily adapts to cold weather and grows from a bulb that produces unique flowers throughout the year in early spring. There are tulips of different colors, the result of several crosses between them. The black tulip has very dense blue and red tones.

    Dining tables, in general, need to be decorated. Having a centerpiece, for example, always leaves the decoration of the environment complete. In this case, the tip is to bet on decoration with vases and tulips. Here, we separate some ideas of how the combinations can be made:

    The tulip originated in Central Asia, but you can also find tulips in Russia, China and France. It is the most widespread flower species in the Netherlands. Its height is between 30 and 60 cm, depending on the variety. The tulip had its name originated from the Ottoman Turkish word “Tulbend”, which means “turban”, which is an ornament used by Turkish men, for having its shape very similar to that of a turban.


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