Do you wanna know How to make a crochet pet bed? Today you will learn a simple and easy pattern tutorial for crochet beginner, you can create a easy crochet pet bed in 1 hour! And you can make in any size that you want just by adjusting the size of the base.

    In the right time, I will tell you how to do that and you can also make it taller or shorter depending on what size animal you’re making it for. But don’t worrie, it’s very, very, easy, in fact any pattern you can do with a single crochet technique is easy.


    In this pattern we leave an open place where the animal can enter and you can adapt and place a small pillow inside if you want to close this entrance. Or you can close to make a basket or something out of this it’s actually a very versatile pattern and very simple to do so.

    Easy Crochet Pet Bed Tutorial

    The size of this of the Pet bed of the image is about 13 inches across, and six inches tall. It’s not a very big guy to put in it so but you can make yours bigger.

    For this project I used yarn from Lion Brands “Wool Wase Wow!” so this like their regular wow, but it is a seven weight so it’s a big thick seven weight yarn jumbo number seven, and thats an acrylic Wool blend now there were 66 yars per ball this is my second ball, an for the size in the picture we used about 57-60 yards. But if you don’t have the jumbo number seven you can use a six weight yarn, because any of those would stand up well on their own too. But we’ll just have to drop the hook size that we used.


    But if you want to make it bigger of course you’ll need more yarn than we use in this photo, and then the hook size that i use for the jumbo number seven is the Q which is a 15,75 a millimeter crochet chook it is a little bit hard on the hands but it’s manageable now if you do want to go with the six weight yarn, I would recommend you use an 9-10 milimeters.

    If you try using a 4 weight or a 5 weight i do not think it will stand on its own you would probably have to use some type of spray and i don’t know if you want to do that with an animal, but if you’re making a basket or something like that, sure by all means you can use a smaller weight yarn.

    Do you want to go ahead an get started?

    Watch the full tutorial below for the Easy Crochet Pet Bed tutorial!

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    Happy Crocheting!!

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