How to crochet a Garden Party Square step by step? This tutorial teaches you! It’s a easy skill level!

    It’s a colorful pattern, you will practice many basic crochet stitches, with a plus of new stitch types that will help you increase your skill level. You will have the option to crochet a square with a solid color or you can change the color combinations in each square. It’s an explosion of colors that you will love to do!


    For Materials you’re going to need a hook, in the video tutorial we use a US size six millimeter, or the size needed to obtain the finished size or gauge.

    crochet garden party square tutorial

    In the tutorial we will create a piece with SIZE 12”x12” (30.5cm x 30.5cm) square, and we are using for yarn a Red Heart With Love Premium.

    It’s a number four medium or worsted weight yarn. This is acrylic, just use a four weight yarn. You’ll need a tapestry needle and some scissors as well. Red Heart With Love colors we are using:


    • Constrast A, Papaya;[coral]. 5 yds.
    • Constrast B, Blue Hawaii;[blue]. 7 yds
    • Contrast C, Jadeite;[green]. 7 yds
    • Constrast D, True Blue.[dk blue]. 6 yds..

    You need four colors for this particular square. Or you can use one solid color or a solid color square.

    The garden party square has its step by step taught by videos, there are 4 videos with an average duration of 10 to 15 minutes. Which explains in detail each crochet stitch to be created.

    In the first video will be taught how to create the center circle and the bloom outside of it. You going to need contrast A and B.

    In part two, we’ll work on the vines that use contrast C and the outward border, right outside of the bloom with contrast color D. And make it a more square set up. And then we’ll be adding on some double crochet for another accent going around.

    In part three we’ll work on the little fence and flower border, You gonna need contrast A again, as well as B and D. Click here for step 3.

    In part four,  well work with contrast at B and C, to finish out and complete our square. With double crochet and a round of single crochet. Click here for step 4

    I hope you enjoyed this beautiful and colorful tutorial, comment below, how much did you like it?

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