These Christmas Wreath is so adorable! This is the easiest Christmas wreath ornament crochet pattern that you can use to beautifully decorate your tree this year. Any size of the ring works for this free.  We’re all guilty of spending too much money around Christmas handmade ornaments and gifts are always a great way to feel the spirit of the season and stay on budget
    This one-piece crochet Christmas Wreath is quick and fabulous. Because it’s worked in one piece, you can easily make one very fast, so you can make many in a very short time.

    Materials: medium weight yarn/4 ply “2colors” Bangles or round wire. “2inches Diameter” Scissors Yarn needle hook 5mm

    pattern as follows:


    row 1: 45 singles crochet

    row 2: double crochet 3x in every chain

    row3: single crochet in every stitch, slept stitch, leave enough yarn to hang

    Bow: chain 16


    single crochet every chain

    do 6 rows in total, leave long enough yarn to wrap in the middle for the bow then saw on the ornaments

    Watch the video below and see the complete step by step , courtesy of Zhielle’s Creation to learn a different way of making a crochet wreath ornament.

    Get the Christmas Wreath Ornament Free Crochet Pattern via Zhielle’s Creation‘s youtube channel. It is written just below the video, in the description area.

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