Do you want to learn how to crochet a Baby Mermaid Costume? Here you will learn how to do it step by step.

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    We’re using U.S. crochet terms in this tutorial and materials used for this project are:

    • 100 grams of wool in baby pink and green colors
    • E4 3.5mm crochet hook
    • Sewing needle
    • Decorative pearls.

    Baby Mermaid Costume



    With the green thread, start the tail with 10 ch and close the circle with 1 sl st. Work in circular rows all the way around.
    R1: goes up with 3 ch and has 9 dc. end with 1 sl st.
    R2: Make another 3 ch to go up, representing the first dc, and another 11 dc completing the turn. We will have 2 increases per row until the 17th round. Always end with 1sl st.
    R3: Make 3 ch and 13 dc
    R4: Make 3 ch and 15 dc
    R5: Make 3 ch and 17 dc
    R6: Make 3 ch and 19 dc
    R7: Make 3 ch and 21 dc
    R8: Make 3 ch and 23 dc
    R9: Make 3 ch and 25 dc
    R10: Make 3 ch and 27 dc
    R11: Make 3 ch and 29 dc
    R12: Make 3 ch and 31 dc
    R13: Make 3 ch and 33 dc
    R14: Make 3 ch and 35 dc
    R15: Make 3 ch and 37 dc
    R16: Make 3 ch and 39 dc
    R17: Make 3 ch and 41 dc
    In Row 18 make a sc all the way around, 1 over each base stitch.
    R19 and R20 it also keeps the 41 sc without increases or decreases.


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    In R21 make a decrease: 2sc loops together. The other base points receive 1sc on them.
    R22 is the last row, has one more reduction. We have a total of 39sc on this lap. Finish off.

    To complete the tail detail, start a 10ch cord. Go up to the 1st row, with 3ch and make 9dc and 4ch. On the 2nd row, make 3ch and 14dc, as shown in the chart. The 3rd row must have 3 ch and 15dc, always keeping the increase over the previous increase. On the 4th row, go up with 3ch and make 16dc, The 5th and last row has 3ch and 17dc.Following the instruction again, you complete the other half of the tail. Sew to the end of the tail..

    Baby Mermaid Costume


    Now we go back to the green color to crochet the crown. Start a cord with 40ch and 1sl st closing the loop.
    R1: go up with 1ch and do 33sc
    R2: 1ch and 33 sc
    R3: make groups of 1dc and 1 chain every 1 base point, as shown in the graph.
    The 4th and last row: has 3 groups of 1sc, 1 half double, 2dc, 3 treble, 1picot stitch (3chan and 1sc), 3treble, 2dc, 1half double, 1sc and 1sl st. every 6 base handles, as we can see in the graph.
    Complete the round with sc and finish off. Sew a pearl to the front of each picot stitch.


    To make the top, use pink yarn and start with 48 ch.
    R1: Raises with 1ch and has 48sc
    R2: Let’s just use the yarn behind the base stitch. Keeping 1ch and 48sc per row.
    R3: take the front yarn at the end of the base, and also follow with 1ch and 48sc
    R4 and last row: Using the yarn behind, we will continue making 1ch and 48sc. Finish off.
    In the center of the piece, using the same pink thread, finish off and sew the decorative pearl arrangement. You can weave a chain cord to fit the baby’s back measurement.

    Baby Mermaid Costume

    You can use this beautiful costume, on Disney Halloween. It’s a Scary Halloween created by Disney and which will take place over several months. Here on our website you will find several options of costumes for the Disney Halloween party.

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