Let’s learn to crochet together? The purpose of my site is to make you learn crochet and with that build a freedom of extra income, let’s learn together? Is crochet still fashionable? The answer is definitely yes! In fact, crochet is currently the hottest trend in the fashion industry. 

    There are many reasons why this style of clothing is so popular right now. Besides being more comfortable, it also allows people to express themselves in different ways. Despite the 1970s reference, crochet clothing has re-emerged as a popular trend in recent seasons. 


    The new season has brought back the 70s with a fresh and vibrant touch. Stylish women can wear crochet garments all year round. There are several types of crochet pieces available today. One of the most popular uses of crochet is clothing. A variety of styles can be created with this technique. 


    It is possible to make crocheting tops that fit a wide variety of styles. Several sources claim that crochet tops are fashionable for 2020. If you are looking for a modern way to update your closet, consider making some crochet pieces yourself.

    While crochet made it to the runways, the 1970s was a more popular time to wear it. Millennials began using the craft in their homes. Their newfound passion for embroidery has spread to the fashion world. 

    They are not just limited to crocheted blouses and handbags. Some of the most recent examples include a frilly skirt and a bohemian style wedding dress. The trend is a big part of our society. 


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    With its roots in home craftsmanship, crochet has found its place in the fashion industry. This trend has exploded in popularity in recent years and now women of all ages are using this style to express their personality. 

    Its popularity is still growing, as more brands are creating crochet clothing with interesting patterns. But it’s not just millennials who are wearing this style.

    This style has been a long-time staple for women. It can be worn with almost anything and adds a feminine element to a simple outfit. It can also be worn by both men and women, and is considered a versatile choice for any season. 

    Although it is not as fashionable as it once was, it is still a great option to add to your closet. With so many designers creating new designs every year, it is hard to keep up with the latest trends.

    The ‘granny square’ is an iconic design. In the 1990s, it became the ‘it’ design. Today, this type of craftsmanship has been adapted for men and women. The crocheting trend is still alive and thriving in the fashion world. 

    And with that, it is no longer limited to women only. It is also available in men’s sizes. Millennials love it so much that it is no longer surprising that today the fashion world is full of it.

    Although it is a relatively new trend, crochet has become a key trend for men and women. It is a winter and summer staple, and now it is becoming an important piece of clothing for men. Whether it’s a sweater, the handmade style is here to stay. It is a style that is not only functional, but chic.

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