Do you want to learn how to crochet a Cute Baby Dress? Here you will learn how to do it step by step.

    Classic clothing models are always being reinvented. In a scenario where satin, silk and mesh dresses become common, crochet dresses arrive to impress with their own style.
    The possibilities with crochet dresses are many, they can be used both for a night out at a sophisticated event, and as clothes to enjoy a well-dressed beach.


    If the idea is to make a dress for a newborn, you can leave this model as inspiration. The pink dress with armrest is shorter and shows the panties also made of crochet and in the same colors as the piece. The result is a super cute and fresh look for hot days.

    Still in the pink color chart, this version has a nuance of old pink and with applications of little white flowers. In addition to the cute outfit, the look is still composed of a baby band that has the same style as the piece and leaves the baby all in harmony.

    To crochet the litlle flowers follow the instructions below:


    Start by making a string of chains;
    Then, climb 4 chains and make 6 double treble crochets inside the first chain;
    Now, skip a chain and make 6 double treble crochets again inside the next chain;
    Repeat this process until the size you want for your crochet rose;
    Next, you must climb 4 chains to make the second row;
    Make 5 double crochets and then 3 more chains;
    Starting with the smaller end, roll the rose and stitch at the base.
    Glue your crochet flowers to a clip using hot glue.

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