Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, you have probably asked yourself: how can crochet help you earn a second or even a third income? Perhaps you have made a few items for friends and family, but would like to reach a wider audience. 

    Or perhaps you are looking to learn advanced techniques so that you can sell your creations for a bigger profit. Whatever the case, there are ways to turn your passion for creating into a second income. One popular way to sell your handmade products is to join a craft fair. All you need is a booth and an appropriate price to set up. 


    Check your local area for craft fairs and find out how you can participate. There are many opportunities to teach crochet, it’s a good income that can be made from a craft you love. And, if you want to have your own schedule, you can create it yourself! Another great way to make money from your hobby is to write a crochet blog. Many people turn to blogs to make money from their creations.

    Crochet Romper
    Crochet Romper

    You can use your blog to share your crochet skills with others and earn money from your creations. The more content you create, the more exposure your site gets. The more traffic you generate, the faster you can start earning from your crochet blog. However, there are a few things to remember before you start your crochet blog: patience is the key to success. Be patient and consistent with your posts.

    Another way to make money with your crochet skills is to sell patterns

    Crochet patterns are easy to write and sell, and there are many options for monetizing your creations. You can sell them on sites such as the open market, fairs in your city, and other platforms, and you can even publish them online. 

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    To sell your designs, you will need to build a community of fellow crochet enthusiasts. You can also host a booth or sell your products at local craft fairs. These venues usually charge a fee for a booth or table rental.


    Subscription boxes provide a predictable monthly income. Subscription boxes are essentially craft kits on steroids. Each box contains a pattern and supplies to complete the project. Some subscription boxes even include a surprise. Social media is another great option for promoting your subscription box. Make sure to include a unique hashtag when selling your subscription boxes on Facebook and Instagram. Then you are on your way to selling your products.

    You may be wondering, how can crochet help me earn a second income? The answer is simple! If you are passionate about crochet, there are many options for earning a second income from selling your handmade products. 

    Start small and work your way up. It’s time to start earning a second income from your hobby. You can sell your items at local craft fairs and online at online marketplaces. If you’re not sure where to sell your crochet items, consider partnering with local businesses

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