There are different levels of crochet skill. Beginners will probably start by crocheting simple projects. Intermediate and advanced crocheters will work on more complex projects. The skills needed to make complex projects vary greatly depending on the skill level of the crocheter. 

    Beginners should see everything the tutorial requires before starting the project. She states that skills can increase with practice, but beginners should start with simple patterns. Intermediate and advanced crocheters will work on projects that require more complicated techniques, multi-colored techniques, and refined finishing.


    Beginner patterns are generally easy to work with. You can even learn coloring or other advanced techniques while working on easy crochet projects. Beginners should choose yarns that are easy to work with. Avoid using fragile, fine, silky yarns for the first few projects. 

    Crochet cardigan wide
    Crochet cardigan wide

    Beginners should avoid clumpy, bumpy, or fluffy yarns until they are more experienced. Beginner patterns also require beginners to learn the basics of stitches.

    Learning basic stitches is the first step in learning to create more complex items. You can also learn to increase and decrease stitches. Learning to increase and decrease stitches will help you create a triangular, half circle, or circular shawl. 

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    You can also use these stitches to create a variety of patterns and textures in your crochet projects. If you have crocheted before, you can master these techniques with confidence.


    Learning to work the basic stitches is a must-have skill. Regardless of your level of experience, you can start making your own unique pieces by learning some basic crochet skills. 

    Beginners should start with basic stitches such as chain, single crochet, half double, and double crochet. From there, you will learn how to create different stitch patterns. You can also make knitted items such as hats, shawls, scarves or hats.

    Basic skills include magic ring, single, increase and decrease, and end of round. Intermediate skills include slip stitch, double, foundation chain, curve, color change, and connecting doll’s legs. After learning these basic skills, you can progress to more advanced projects. There are so many possibilities when learning to crochet! It is important to have the right tools to ensure success.

    Here with us you will learn crochet in a very fun way and through very cool tutorials. I would like to point out that the image credits and content of the pattern is intended for the official website of the pattern.

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