Do you wanna Know how to Tunisian Crochet a Blanket?  We have the Step by Step for you!

    A current fever, crochet rescues grandma’s times and gives that air of vintage and modern at the same time. And there is no shortage of new stitches, plots and styles. The darling of the time is Tunisian crochet, which has gained fans everywhere. Want to know more about this beautiful technique? So just check it out:

    What is Tunisian crochet?

    tunisian crochet

    The name says it all: Tunisian crochet came from Tunisia and has gained fans all over the world. A little more elaborate than normal crochet, it is composed of tighter, thicker and firmer weaves. And you can do several things with this crochet, from bags, pillows, clothes and blankets to warm up your days!

    To create a Tunisian crochet you will need a special needle.

    There are several sizes of Tunisian crochet hooks, but they all have something in common, they are a mixture of the crochet hook and the knitting hook. With a hook at the ends, they are very firm to make the necessary stitches. And it’s always good to remember: invest in a quality product, ok?


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    The lines also vary a lot depending on your need and the work you want to do. The most commonly used are 100% cotton, string and wool. A very cool idea is to vary the colors of the lines according to the piece you are going to make. You can mix different colors and create unique and beautiful prints!

    The rule of thumb when it comes to Tunisian crochet is to understand that each job will require a different material. Then, gradually familiarize yourself with the stitches and ask what you want to do. So, you buy what you think is necessary and viable for each moment.

    To start making your pieces with the beautiful Tunisian crochet, you need to know some of the most common and used stitches. The first is the toothpick, which serves as a starting point for stitches. The knitting stitch is the intermediate stitch, a little more complex. Finally, the fancy stitch requires a greater experience with Tunisian crochet, but it results in beautiful products! Get to know a little more about each of them:


    toothpick stitch – by CLAUDIA BROETTO ROSSETTI on Instagram

    The toothpick stitch is the basis for Tunisian crochet. Very easy, it is the grouping of several chains, one next to the other. The secret is not to tighten the stitches too much, leaving them looser. This makes it a lot easier when fixing the chains!

    Knitting Stitch

    knitting stitch
    knitting stitch – by ROSIENE – TRICÔ E TAL on Instagram

    The basis for this type of stitch is the toothpick stitch. From there, you start braiding the knitting stitch. You have to be very careful not to get lost in the knots and loops of the needle, ok? But with care and patience anyone can get it out of hand.

    Fancy Stitch

    Fancy Stitch
    Fancy Stitch by ATELIÊ ESTELAR on Instagram

    A little more complex, the fancy stitch is known for having a very tight and closed tangle. It is great for the production of very charming baskets, blankets, blouses and pots. The extra care is on account of the final finish, which must be very firm.

    See how easy it is to start venturing into Tunisian crochet stitches? The tip is to train the toothpick stitch a lot, because once you’re ace, you can go to the others without fear of making a mistake!

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