Do you want to learn how make an easy Rainbown Afghan crochet blanket? Here you will learn how to do it step by step.

    This is how are baby blanket looks like and now we’ll show you what we need and how to crochet this beautiful and very, very, very easy blanket.


    rainbow afghan

    As usual we have a new beautiful pattern at crochet fashion. I’m happy to share this amazing crochet pattern with you guys. This is called rainbow afghan, it’s colorful, it’s easy, and the combination of colors brings a lot of value to this handmade piece.

    Sonja Wyant created this beautiful afghan crochet pattern, available only and for FREE here in this site see Free Pattern.

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    But about rainbown, what we know about this?


    Hindu and Buddhist Tantra makes one of the most intense definitions of the rainbow. According to these philosophies, people who have overcome their earthly ties are in a position to reach the highest meditative state and experience the “rainbow body”, also described as “body of light”.

    rainbow afghan
    Rainbow Afghan by Sonja Wyant

    The rainbow also represents the act of following the desires and purposes of our hearts and reaching the end of the rainbow signifies the manifestation of the things we want in our lives.

    The rainbow also conveys a message of union between heaven and earth that is present in many cultures.

    So what is the deepest message and meaning of the rainbow for you? Below are some suggestions:

    • Look around you in all areas of your life and analyze what new opportunities are opening your way.
    • Figure out another way to handle a situation that is weighing you down.
      Prepare to look at things in a new light and perspective.
    • Analyze if you are ready to move from one stage of life to another with wisdom and maturity.
    • Check your attitudes and find out if you are honoring the promises you made in your life.
    • Define new action strategies that lead you to a more positive life and aligned with your true self.
    • Reflect on your relationships with other people and decide if you are being reasonable with your hopes and demands from other people.
    • Analyze your relationship with the Divine, no matter what you specifically believe.
      Decide if you are ready to enter a new dimension of life.
    • Reflect on whether your companies are influencing you in a positive or negative way.
      These are just a few points of reflection that rainbows can awaken in us.

    Which of these points do you think you need to focus on to become a better version of yourself?

    rainbow afgan

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    Happy Crocheting!!

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