Do you want to learn how to crochet a Larksfoot Stitch Blanket? Here you will learn how to do it step by step.

    Hi there, here at Crochet fashion you will find great tutorials, in the last tutorial we teach the Larksfoot Stitch pattern (see more) and if you like the first tutorial you will love this  perfect Larksfoot Stitch Blanket, it’s a fast and easy tutorial, designed by Hanjan Crochet.


    This blanket really is a classic that anyone can tackle. All you need is a bunch of your favourite coloured yarns – as many or a few as you like – and you’re away. Using a simple repeat this is the perfect beginner project to practise your technique and tension.

    Larksfoot Stitch Blanket

    The Larksfoot Stitch gives the blanket the prettiest drape without being too loose and is so quick to make!

    We’re using U.K. and US crochet terms in this tutorial and materials used for this project are:


    • 400g of double-knitted yarn, about 1 ball for 6 different colors
    • A 5mm/H crochet hook
    • Needle
    • scissors

    Finished Size: One size: 85cm by 100 cm but easy to adapt to any size you like.

    Tension: 11st and 7 rows = 10cm by 10cm

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    Pattern Notes:

    • The ch3 at the beginning of a row count as a treble.
    • The ch4 at the beginning of a row counts as a ch and a treble.
    • I changed colour after every two rows in a random combination but you can do whatever you like with your blanket to make it your own.
    • So far have you liked the clear instructions? Download the PDF with the free Larksfoot Stitch Blanket from Ravelry.




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    Happy Crocheting!!

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