Do you want to learn how make a simple Granny Crochet Rectangle and no twisting way?Here you will learn how to do it step by step.

    But first, you need to understand the basics of crocheting. From kitchen rugs and bathroom sets to bags and bikinis, crochet is present in many homes and even in fashion. There are several pieces made with this technique that, for those who don’t know much about crochet, can seem difficult to make. With determination, practice and the right tips, everything gets easier! Learn below some crochet steps for beginners.


    Necessary materials for start a crochet:

    Granny Rectangle

    Needle: There are several types of needle sizes, from thin to thick. At first, opt for a thin one, as it is easier to work with.
    Thread: always use the thread with the ideal thickness according to the needle you will handle. Feel free to choose the color!
    Scissors: Scissors are essential for finishing off and cutting the threads. So always have one that cuts well by your side.
    Tape measure: even counting the stitches, it is possible that the crochet starts to take different shapes. In this case, the tape measure is indispensable to measure your work.

    All materials listed above are reasonably priced and can be found at craft and supply stores.


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    Crochet tips for beginners
    If you’ve never had contact with crochet, getting started can be a difficult task. But it is possible to learn this beautiful art with some techniques. See this tutorial!

    How to crochet a Circle

    How to make a single crochet rectangle base

    How to crochet Granny Rectangle

    If, in the past, crochet was “grandma’s thing”, today it is an art that moves the market and still helps many people as a form of therapy. In addition to the pieces shown here, the technique encompasses a multitude of unique and creative works, such as blouses, scarves, table runners and home decor items. What are you waiting for? Start doing it yourself too!

    by Dicas de mulher

    After learning the basics of crochet, find your new project here. A Granny rectangle tutorial!

    In this tutorial you’ll learn how to crochet a perfectly seamless granny rectangle, along with that you’ll also find tips to keep them even and not distort or twist as they grow!
    I hope this is helpful for all of you. This Granny Rectangle is suitable for all skill levels from beginner to advanced. And it’s perfect for creating a comfortable and easy baby blanket, bigger afghans and more!

    Watch the Simple tutorial of Granny Rectangle (& no twisting!)

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    Join me and let’s create an amazing community, sharing crochet and experiences and tips only.

    Happy Crocheting!!

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