Do you want to learn how make a easy crochet blanket remixed? Here you will learn how to do it step by step.

    This crochet blanket is a scrap-along type, but first, do you know what is scrap-along?


    If you don’t know, that’s ok, we’ll explain, scrap-along crochet is a blanket that you create using leftover balls that you’ve been collecting for some time and that are gathering dust in a closet or that would be discarded.

    This does not mean that you will only need to use scraps. Our blog always thinks about your well being and provides you easy and uncomplicated models.

    So don’t worry, because you don’t have to use only scraps. In this project, to be simple and uncomplicated, you can use whatever you want! We suggest to use a lighter or a heavier yarn if that’s what you prefer to work with when you make your easy crochet blanket.

    In the video, the creator use a 4,5 millimeter crochet hook, because she like the C2C stiches to be on the tighter side, but you’re welcome to scale that hook size up or down with you worsted weight yarn.


    Easy Crochet Blanket Remixed
    Felix Pattern by Sheila houle

    You’ll need scissors, needles for sewing in your yarn tails and as a suggestion you can use stich markes for a part of the easy crochet blanket or you can replace it with a scrap of yarn, or a bobby pin.

    Felix blanket Crochet Pattern is a creation of Sheila Houle. Originally she created this patent over the summer and the Free Pattern is HERE  from Ravery for download.

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    But if you’re the type of person that prefers a more detailed follow-up of the work, Sheila created a sequence of unmissable videos telling the minimum details, is a complete walk through of the Felix Blanket pattern from start to finish

    The videos are available on You tube. In all, there are 7 videos with a total of 3 hours recorded, where she creates the easy crochet blanket at normal speed, allowing you to follow every move with ease.

    In this video, Part 1A, she will go over the supplies and crochet the set up blocks for the first panel of the crochet blanket. You will be able to crochet right along with he!

    In this video, Part 1B, she will show you how to crochet the repeating blocks from this panel. These are the blocks that will make your crochet blanket as tall as you’d like.

    In the Part 1C, she will go over a quick, but important note prior to demonstrating how to square off your crochet blanket.

    In the Part 1D,she will go over how to square off the top of the first panel so that your crochet blanket has a nice, straight edge.

    In the Part 2A,  she will go over how to set up the middle panel, as well as describe the steps to complete the repeating blocks. The middle panel may be repeated as many times as you like or skipped completely if you prefer.

    In the Part 2B, she will go over how to create a straight edge along the top of the middle panel.

    In the Part 3, she will go over the entire final panel, as well as the border.

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    Happy Crocheting!!

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