Do you want to learn how to crochet a Colored Secret Blanket? Here you will learn how to do it step by step.

    Hi there, here at Crochet fashion you will find great tutorials, in the last tutorial we teach the Chevron Stitch pattern (see more) and if you like the first tutorial you will love this perfect Colored Secret Blanket has embossed flowers is a bet made thinking about the combination of pink and salmon, vibrant colors that combine super well.
    The square technique (squares joining) was chosen to form the blanket, which has flowers in the central part of each square. The result is cute and tradicional square.

    We’re using U.S. crochet terms in this tutorial and materials used for this project are:


    Colored string: 1 ball in Salmon, Green and Pink colors
    Crochet hook: 1 3mm hook


    Make the magic ring and inside it 16 single crochet. Finish with 1 slip stitch in the starting single crochet.

    2nd Row: 3 chain, 3 dc taken together, *3 chain, skip 1 single crochet, in the next single crochet make 4 double crochet taken together *.

    Repeat from * to * until you complete the round and finish with 1 slip stitch in 3rd  of the initial chains.


    Cut and Fasten off the thread.

    Keep following the graph. Assemble a piece with 9 X 8 squares interspersing the colors and joining them with single crochet. Finally, pass 3 rows of secret stitch around the entire blanket.

    Colored Secret Blanket

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    Pode ser uma imagem de ‎crochê e ‎texto que diz "‎Finish Secret Stitch 800 80 000 80 800 Legenda Chain Slip Stitch Single crochet Double crochet double crochet together ره 4 double crochet together Elongated chain Green Blue Pink Salmon‎"‎‎


    Thanks to EURO ROMA for the article inspiration and featured image.

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